The new trend in LED indoor gardening

With the rapid development of agriculture and horticulture, green industry representatives began to seek more energy efficient methods to cultivate their crops, with the help of LED technology.

With LED grow lighting, crops that require specific lighting can be anywhere in the world

A key role in supporting the growth of plants in photosynthesis is sunlight. Without enough sunlight, plants grow slowly and are become weaker. LED grow light lamps effectively address the problem of shortage of light, emitting radiation similar to sunlight. LED lighting can be used anywhere and everywhere, so that the plants can flourish through all the seasons, in the right light for their growth. LED lamps have eliminated natural vegetation seasons, seasonal flowering and fruiting, which can become a year-round production of vegetables and flowers. There is no doubt that LED technology significantly contributes to the reproduction of plant productivity, and thus opens the horticultural industry.

In the past, crop production was mainly dependent on the weather. Today, people can influence these limitations with innovative LED lighting.

LED lamps do not contain mercury and lead, so they are not harmful to crops and the environment. In addition, unlike the conventional fluorescent lamps, which generate large amounts of heat, LEDs convert electricity directly into light, thereby emitting less heat and wasted energy. LED lamp life is 10 times longer compared to traditional lighting. This avoids frequent lamp replacements, and thus the costs associated with their maintenance.

It is heat that causes high energy costs, low bulb life, need for ventilation systems, safety issues, and generation of heat signatures and energy consumption use per household reports.  LED lighting ensures that none of these drawbacks are an issue.

However, there are still several issues that need to be resolved. The most pressing is the high price of LED products. In addition, manufacturers have developed unrelated technical standards and guidance products. Good and bad articles are mixed, so that customers have a problem with the choice of optimal LED lighting. Moreover, due to the lack of regulation of the design, production, some LEDs are not waterproof or corrosion-resistant. Thus they can not remain for a long time in greenhouse conditions.

At GreenLamp Canada/USA, we have addressed all these issues for your benefit.  Having our own factory, quality control, and scientists, we can produce the lowest cost LED's, with the most useful spectrum, to have record sized bud/flower growth, for all indoor growing needs.

Add to this our commitment to security and anonymity, you will find we put our customers first for quality and safety. 

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