What mix of colors of light in LED lamps is the best?

What mix of colors of light in LED lamps is the best?

Color balance can affect yield ...

If I try to grow a flowering plant in white light, it will grow, but not as good as it can. It is noted that white light compared to a set of multicolor LEDs is far less effective, and a mixture of colors is perfect for any type of installation, and can significantly improve performance.

Clearly colors are blue and red ...

Blue and red LEDs are most commonly used, but they are used mainly because of photosynthesis graphs that can be found on the Internet. Although photosynthesis is very important, keep in mind that is not the only activity that takes place in the creation of large fruit, flowers and buds.There are colors that people never use or see that are extremely beneficial to the plants/bud growth.  These are closely guarded secret Colors

If you want to buy the best LED panels to grow (LED GROW), and do not know what color scheme would best serve you, trust a company that assembles their own LED lights to maximize your yield.  Trust a company from a country that is grow knowledgeable - you will see that most farmers appreciate these panels that use a mixture of many colors. The reason for this is that the colors that make up the so-called. "Secret sauce" is usually closely guarded and not available to the general public. Even if a company claims they have different wavelengths of color, they are often different from those who actually use it.

It is important to not focus on the exact proportions of the colors that are used, but instead focus on results and on this basis to check the quality. Many companies claim that their boards are "Best in the World", but the yield results prove otherways. The proportions of colors is the key to success, not counting the LED number per panel.

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