Apollo LED Spectral Superiority

Techniques used for growing plants indoors can vary greatly, from sophisticated commercial hydroponics, which use complex irrigation systems to simple pots of herbs on the kitchen windowsill. But they all have things in common. Crops need an artificial light source - as close as possible to sunlight.

It would seem that the best light for growing at home would be yellow-white spectrum light- that the human eye perceives as similar to the sun's rays, but this is not the case. Visual perception by the human eye, is set to receive a central, visible light spectrum, while the proportion of the light spectrum that plants need for photosynthesis is in the upper (blue) and lower (red) wavelength ranges. Seen as the color green in plants because the plant absorbs light in the blue and red wavelengths and reflects green light, which lies in the middle of the spectrum.

In other words, most of the plants do not use this spectrum of artificial light - developed to enable people to see in the dark. With a typical light bulb only about 30 percent of the light is used in photosynthesis. The same goes for fluorescent lamps, although some were brought to light in the PAR, their efficiency is about 50%.

All of these problems with the usable light spectrum have been overcome by advances in technology via LED (light-emitting diodes), and over the recent years have led to a revolution in indoor gardening. Grow LED is designed to emit the exact wavelengths of light absorbed by chlorophylls best, carotenoids and xanthophylls, which are the main photosynthetic pigments in green plants, making them the most efficient lighting solution for indoor gardens. Maximum light for minimal energy use and cost.

LED panels have many advantages over conventional light sources. LEDs can save up to 80 percent on energy costs, do not produce any heat and can illuminate up to 100,000 hours - more than ten times more than other types of indoor gardening lights.

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