Keep Your Cool with LED Grow Lights

Why garden indoors

Indoor gardening is particularly useful in cooler climates where long, harsh winters effectively stunt the growing season. Generally more efficient and less expensive than importing flowers, fruits or vegetables from warmer climates, indoor gardening provides locally grown produce in even the bitterest conditions.

Problems with indoor gardening

While indoor gardening may seem like the perfect solution at first, the energy required to properly light an indoor garden may be problematic. Incandescent lighting for indoor gardens not only requires great amounts of electricity to operate but also generates quite a lot of heat. As a result plants must be located a measurable distance from the bulbs to avoid burning or scorching. Also the heat from the incandescent bulbs can cause the gardening area to be uncomfortably warm. Florescent lighting, although cooler than incandescent lighting, also burns excessive amounts of energy. In addition, anyone who has used florescent lighting for illuminating a business or home, as well as an indoor garden, knows that the added expense of replacing ballasts in florescent units makes this solution especially costly.

The LED grow light solution

Advanced Apollo panels provide an efficient LED grow light solution that not only provides intense, effective lighting for indoor gardening but also lights the garden cooly and efficiently.

Designed to supply only the light plants can use, the design of these LED grow lights incorporates both red and blue LED light to perform well during both flowering and vegetative cycles of plants. These directional lights do not require reflection devices or ballasts that are costly and need frequently to be replaced.

Unlike other grow lights, LED lights emit a minimal amount of heat. While they are slightly warm to the touch, they will not significantly raise the temperature of the growing area. Additionally, plants can be grown closer to the lighting without concern for scorching or burning.

We have also engineered aluminum cooling fins and whisper quiet circuit board controlled fans to ensure zero heat signature and units that do not cause the unit to exceed 50 degrees Celsius.  This also enables the lights to be placed as close to the plants as possible, and thus provide maximum lumens, higher growth, without burning or hurting the plants whatsoever.  The plants also retain much of their water since they do not dehydrate due to the nil temperature Apollo LED's produce.

LED grow lights also decrease energy use for the indoor garden. Depending on a variety of variables, replacing older model grow light systems with LED grow lights will decrease energy by anywhere from 50 to 90 percent. You use only one third to one tenth the energy for better growth and buds.

The Apollo LED difference is superiority through science.  We have better technology and products to ensure maximal plant growth result.