Apollo LED lamps grow record buds and flowers



Two new  growth records were established with Apollo LED lights.
have never seen such good results for any lamps. " according to the Canadian Seed Coalition's (CSC) master growers.

"This proof of better light wavelength use, no heat production, less energy cost, gives us proof of the superiority of LED lights versus all other lamps used."

Medical marijuana has been a controversial topic in the United States since California legalized its use in 1996. But since then, medical marijuana has already entered into 17 states, with Washington leading the way.

Generations of farmers growing cannabis in their homes rely on HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps. However, the truth is Apollo LED lights, break world records set by HPS and MH lamps. Done with less energy use, no heat, and no maintenance bulbs.  Virtually undetectable.

Over the last three years, Apollo LED lamps hit record harvests.

"A n
ew record has been set from CSC. It is currently 350 grams per plant. An Apollo 270 watt panel gave results better than a 600 watt HPS. We never imagined that LED's were so powerful."

Add to that our insistence that all other control factors had to remain the same.  Such as seed species, soil content, fertilizer use, watering schedule, and light "on/off" schedule. Actually we had to give extra allowance for HPS as far as watering schedule, since the environment is much warmer, the plants dehydrate much easier.  HPS is thus more labor intensive.

CSC was so impressed with the record crop from Apollo, that they repeated the process on a new variety of seeds which were AutoFem (Feminized seeds). To their surprise, they was able to draw from a single plant 356 grams. Growing lasted 75 days and was illuminated by 540 W LED's (2 x 270W). "We have never seen such good results. Never has this been acheived with HPS or MH lights." According to Canadian master growers.
This result of more than 100 grams higher compared with the previous record with HPS lamps. This is very good news for medical marijuana users who have been waiting to replace HPS lamps due to the high power consumption, high heat and expensive replacement lamps and bulbs.

Apollo LED lamps will not be more than 50 degrees Celsius, compared to about 350 degrees with HPS lamps. This reduction in heat reduces evaporation of water from plants, and removes the need for strong ventilation, which translates into much lower costs of cultivation, scent/odour, and risk.