Cost Analysis of how Our LED's will start saving you money almost immediately

LED panels cost less and save you money immediately!!! 

Read the factual data below.


Typical cost of a High Pressure Sodium 600 watt light system is $300 at Home Depot.  Cost of a vent system for such high heat is conservatively $200.  Lumen output of such a system decreases by 50% after 6 months.  The bulb needs to be replaced after one year, or else grow result is significantly inferior.

Energy cost:

Let us project 800 hours for vegetative state, and 800 hours for budding state. 1600 hours x 600 watts = 960 kwh (kilowatthours), typical price in North America ranges from 13 cents per kwh to 21 cents per kwh in larger centres and cities. Please refer to the US Energy Information Administration website and statistics .  The average US household uses about 800 kwh in one month.

960 kwh will cost a person $163 in electricity, when we calculate a middle price of 17 cents per kwh, not counting the energy needed for ventilation, the increased fire risk of HPS bulbs, let alone increased risk of heat signature, odor and excess electricity consumption tracked by your energy company.

initial cost of HPS for one grow cycle is:  $300 + $200 + $163 = $650 to $700.

further grow cycles cost: replacement bulb every 3 to 4 grow cycles is $30 per grow cycle plus $163 electricity cost, plus increased risk with heat and energy use. Minimum of $200 per grow cycle.

Comparison with LED panels:

Same usable light output to grow a better plant is achieved with a 200 watt Apollo LED system.  No ventilation or other hardware needed. Cost of 200 watt Apollo unit is $500.  Electricity cost is 1/3 of $163, which is $55.

For further grow cycles: only $55 for electricity.  No cost for bulbs since LED's do not deteriorate and don't generate heat. Lifetime warranty and 50,000 hours per bulb at maximum lumen output through whole bulb life.  Meaning 20 years of growth and use.

Final Comparison: 

Both lighting systems initially cost nearly equivalent initial monetary output.

You save money immediately due to 1/3 the cost for electricity required for same (if not better) lamp lumen output, with GreenLamp panels.

Further grow cycles save you significant dollar amounts, and significantly reduce risk.


The answer is clear, technology has provided a better, cheaper, and greener alternative for indoor plant cultivation.

Blogs that still argue for old outdated systems of High Pressure Sodium are written by older generation hippies that do not like change and want to stick to equipment they already have, and don't think being on the grid or Big Brothers line of vision is an issue for them.  If the results show technology has made things better, safer, greener and less risky...........then their arguments hold no water.