135 watt UFO LED

135 Watt LED Grow panel which uses powerful 3W LED penetration lights
Rating: 5/5
Sales price without tax: $220.00
Discount: $50.00

This panel is intended to cover four square feet (2 "x 2"), half a square meter, and can be used on many plants to obtain an extremely high yield. This unit has 7 bands (7 wavelengths of light) and uses ultra powerful 3W LED chips for excellent light penetration and coverage of the plant spectrum, which allows for maximum possible results with low power consumption and low heat emission.

This unit works very well and is a great unit for a low price for people that want to try the superiority of LED vs. CFL/HPS/MH.

If you check grow forums, they all tell you more light with low cost additional lighting methods give best buds and results.

***Lifetime warranty***  ***NO OTHER COMPANY BEATS OUR WARRANTY***


45 LED 3W, 7-Band:
24 red (660 nm)
3 red (630 nm)
6 Blue (460nm)
3 blue (430 nm)
3 Orange (615nm)
3 Green (520nm)
3 White (3000K)
Corresponds to HPS / HID lamps requiring power of 300-400W. Does not require ballasts.

• Lifetime = 80'000 hours
3500 -3700 lumens
110-265 Volt
• Weight: 2.7 kg
• Fully Protected by Styrofoam in packaging
• White, glossy casing
• CE and ROHS safety standards
Equipped with a set of suspension lines
IEC power cord 1.8M
Dimensions: Length = 310mm Width = 310mm Height = 70mm

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5 year warranty.