240 watt LED

Very low wattage panel designed for plant cultivation.
Works well for starting LED users, then graduate to our more sophisticated DiamondBrite panels. Or use as a secondary light for lower leaves of plants for higher production, all in safety.
LED lamps in the form of panels prepared specifically for safe growth conducted indoors.
Rating: 5/5
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Discount: $116.00

240 watt LED panel

240 watts for Growth and Flowering

For those that wish to start testing the superiority of LED panels at a cost efficient entry level.

This panel contains all the needed components such as 7 band spectrum coverage, high/effective power 3 watt LED bulbs.  Highly efficient heat dissipation components, so you can get rid of your cumbersome ventilation systems and fire hazard worries. Virtually undetectable.
excellent Led Panel for growth and flowering. replaces your 400 to 500 watt HPS/HID/MH lamps for better growth and lower power consumption.

Uses ultra powerful LEDs for penetration and coverage of the light spectrum. Each PurePanel240 includes low heat production/dissipation (with three motors).

Performance with low power consumption.


  Consumption: 240 Watts.
  Dimensions Length 400mm Width 210mm High 70mm
  Relative dimensions 5:1:2:1:1:1
  8 to 10 square feet equivalent surface light coverage, similar to a 500 watt HPS bulb.
  Life from 80,000 to 100,000 hours.
  Replaces lamps 500w to 600w HPS/HID. Requires no ballast
  Power from 85 to 265 volts. 1.8 m cable, 4.5 feet approx.
  9000 Lumens
  Kit to hang from the ceiling with recommended steel cable
  Weight 4.4 kg.

  Has RoHS CE safety certification

  warranty: lifetime


    80 LEDs. 3W, with 7 bands, full spectrum for excellent vegetative and flowering stages

     42 Red 660nm.
     6 Red 630nm.
     10 Blue 460nm.
     6 Blue 430nm.
     6 Orange 615nm.
     4 Green 520nm.
     6 white 3000k.